A downloadable HeartEffects

This game is intended for Windows only.  

A Google play App version maybe made in the future.


You are a young man still at school. You are a bit of a nerd. You love video games, movies all things geeky. Most girls ignore you. You try to get a girl friend but are always friend zoned for being the nice guy.

One fateful day you are walking through the local park and something happens to you that you cant explain. The next day, your life  will never be the same again.


It is just a small demo of the game I am putting together. A lot of things will be place holders, such as backgrounds, music. Everything including the sprites I have used maybe subject to change. 
However the story will stay the same. I hope you enjoy this small demo and leave feedback.  Thanks for stopping by!


Everything I have used has said to be under the creative commons license and free to use for games that are not made for profit or I am claiming that sprites or backgrounds are mine work unless they actually are my work. I reserve the right to use said works unless proved that they are indeed copyrighted and are unable to be used. Hence that almost everything is a place holder at the moment and the game is heavily in development. Please bare that in mind when playing and reviewing this game. 

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards

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